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M.D. Moymirski

Marcin Dominik Moymirski (pseudonym Indy, Moymir)—Polish writer, archaeologist and international relations specialist; author of the AVIV Publishing project; resident in London since 2018 (previously settled in Northern Ireland for nearly 12 years). He studied at the Social College of Entrepreneurship and Management in Lodz (currently the University of Social Sciences), where he earned a bachelor’s degree, and then at the Faculty (formerly the Institute) of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw.

While deepening his theoretical knowledge covering topics such as the ancient Near East and Egypt, the Roman Empire, ancient Greece or pre-Columbian America, he simultaneously participated in excavations at the Marea site in Egypt (approx. 45 kilometers from Alexandria), as well as in the exploration and mapping of caves in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. He also gained museum experience. The culmination of this stage of his education was the receipt of a master’s degree. 

He communed with the world of literature from an early age, using a well-stocked home library or preparing for school performances and recitation competitions. This activity gave rise to the dream of acting, which later turned into a passion for writing. Even as a child, the author made timid attempts to put his thoughts on paper and give them the form of a poem. During his teenage years, he developed a number of projects—this is how sketches and preliminary scripts for several comic books and the outline of his first adventure novel were created. Finally, in adulthood, thanks to the experience he had previously gained, he was able to start professionally publishing his own works.


literary portal “Fabrica Librorum” (for a few years, starting in 2012)

weekly newspaper “Angora”

Polish magazine “Nasz Express” (2012–2013)

poetry almanac “Po drugiej stronie miłości” (poem “Przemijanie”, 2013)

magazine “DwuTygodnik Suwalski” (2020)


poetry book “Moraliki” (2021)

collection of aphorisms “Prawidła” (2022)

haiku volume
“W okamgnieniu” (2024)


– 3rd edition of the national competition “Fatamorgana” (2012): 1st place for the fable “Wąż i nietoperz” (sent under the pseudonym quasi-Krasicki),

– 14th edition of the literary competition “Suwalskie limeryki latem” (2020): special jury prize for limericks “Biegun zimna” and “Historyczna zawierucha” (under the pseudonym Archaeologist).

Interesting facts about the author:

– since childhood—through art classes and competitions—he has been acquiring skills in the field of fine arts (he still creates, preferring various drawing techniques, computer graphics and photography);
– he also developed musically (singing lessons, performances in a children’s music group, private piano and accordion lessons) and still occasionally returns to play the synthesizer (he composed several pieces);
– he speaks three foreign languages to varying degrees of proficiency: English, Portuguese and German;
– passionate about travelling and exploration (both distant corners of the world and his native Polish backyard);

– he likes to read and learn a lot, also in the field of science, nature and technology: during his school days he was a finalist of the Voivodeship Technical Knowledge Competition;

– he often exercises his mind by solving logic puzzles and crosswords, as well as by playing chess and solving Rubik’s cube;
– he tries to maintain good physical condition through regular strength training (and sometimes also running);
– in the past, he practiced various amateur sports, especially team sports;
– he trained traditional shotōkan karate at the school founded by world champion Maciej Grubski;

– back in high school, he practiced target shooting (took 2nd place in a local competition).

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